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Class Descriptions

At Ebb & Flow Yoga, we place value on the quality of the Yoga classes that we offer, over the quantity. These classes are thoughtfully curated with all skill levels in mind, and are designed to bring mind, body, and spirit together to help cultivate intentionality for your practice. Please read below for details on each of the classes we offer.

Earth & Water

Earth & Water is a gentle vinyasa class, suitable for all students, whether you are new to Yoga or have an established practice. This class is designed to teach the principles of Yoga while providing ample recovery and balance to your life outside of the studio. 

In this class, we spend a lot of time warming up, and then we build some flow movement into the practice. We then take time for deeply stretching slowing our bodies down. Throughout class you will be offered opportunities to engage the mind/body connection to leave your mat feeling grounded and empowered. We end with a cool towel, and Savasana (a final resting pose).

The studio is gently heated for this class.


Fire is a hot power class, where we dig deeply into your practice and challenge our edges together. While this is an all-levels class, we strongly encourage bringing water and a towel. 

We take the foundations of Yoga and amp it up by including cardio, strength,  deep stretch and breathwork. You will be encouraged to use your Ujjay breath to anchor you and guide you through your practice. This is a class where you will find your edges, and also find the strength and fire to push your assumptions about your capabilities.

You can expect to be offered a variety of poses with different levels of intensity, so that you can enliven your practice, and challenge your strength. We wind down with deep stretch and a cool towel as you drop into Savasana.

​The studio is highly for this class. 


Ether is a restorative class where you will practice the art of deep relaxation that emphasizes the meditative aspects of yoga. Long durations of passive stretching allows you to enter “rest and digest” through the use of studio-provided props like blocks, blankets, and bolsters. Your instructor will show you how to enter each pose and then completely submit yourself to relaxing.


You can expect a very relaxing atmosphere that allows your body to better heal and rejuvenate itself. While the practice is physically and mentally passive, you are certain to walk away feeling present and rejuvenated. The addition of breathing techniques, mantras and the use of mudras (hand gestures) encourages a sense of presence of mind.

The studio is not heated for this class.

Mindful Movement

Mindful Movement is a "simple but not easy" class that is centered around practicing being in the present moment. It's not necessary that you have a meditation or Yoga practice of your own; this class will help you build both. This class is designed to bring you a sense of peace and centeredness.


Mindful Movement is a slow flow class that focuses on paying more attention to each movement and pose with breath and curiosity. This class will help you gather the tools necessary to begin seeing yourself independent from emotions or experiences you have. You will begin with 15 minutes of guided meditation with intention setting. The next 30 minutes are spent in gentle, intentional movement, and the final 15 minutes are spend in both guided and silent meditation.

The studio is not heated for this class.


Yin Yoga is widely considered the other half of Vinyasa Yoga. This slower practice is accessible regardless of experience level. 


This class engages ligaments, fascia, and joints for better recovery, maintenance, and healing. This slower practice is made up of longer holds and moderate pull/targeting of the joints, muscles, and fascia.  Energetically, you will leave feeling calmer, more centered, with a steadier mindset to tackle your day or wind down from it.

The studio is not heated for this class.

Sunrise Earth & Water

This is our Earth & Water class, condensed to 45 minutes. This quick morning flow is a great way to get your blood moving and set the stage for your day.

This class is gently heated.

Chair Yoga

This class is designed to incorporate the use of chairs, bolsters, blocks and straps to make yoga more gently accessible in your body! If you are new to yoga, or would like a more supported practice, this is the class for you!

This class is not heated.

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