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Class Descriptions

Ebb & Flow is more than just a place to practice yoga. It's a sanctuary where you individuals can escape the stresses of everyday life & cultivate mindfulness through yoga & meditation. We offer a variety of classes, from gentle yoga to advanced vinyasa flow, that are accessible to all levels & abilities. Our classes are designed to help you students find your their own rhythm & deepen your their yoga practice. We welcome anyone who is looking to improve their physical health, emotional wellbeing & overall quality of life.

Earth & Water

Earth & Water is a nurturing Vinyasa yoga class suitable for all levels of practice. The focus is on teaching the fundamental principles of yoga while offering ample opportunities for relaxation & rejuvenation.


The class begins with a thorough warm-up to prepare the body for movement, followed by fluid sequences to build flow & flexibility. As the practice progresses, there is an emphasis on slowing down & deepening stretches to promote relaxation & release tension.Throughout the class, students are encouraged to cultivate a strong mind-body connection, fostering a sense of groundedness & empowerment. Your final resting pose, Savasana is enhanced with a cool towel, infused with our signature scent.


The studio is gently heated to enhance flexibility & promote a sense of warmth & comfort during the practice.


Fire is an invigorating power Vinyasa class designed to ignite your practice & push your boundaries. While suitable for all levels, yogis are encouraged to bring water & a towel to stay hydrated & comfortable throughout the class.

Building upon the foundational principles of yoga, Fire incorporates elements of cardio, strength training, deep stretching, & breathwork to create a comprehensive & challenging experience. Students are guided to engage with their breath to navigate through the intensity of the practice.

This class is an opportunity to explore your limits & discover the inner strength & determination to surpass perceived barriers. This flow is offered with varying levels of intensity, allowing you to deepen your practice & enhance your physical & mental resilience.

As the class winds down, there is a focus on deep stretching to release tension, followed by Savasana with a cool towel, infused with our signature scent.

The studio is heated to promote flexibility, detoxification, & increased circulation, amplifying the intensity & benefits of the practice.


Ether offers a deeply restorative yoga experience, focusing on relaxation & the meditative aspects of the practice. During this class, participants are guided through long-held passive stretches using studio-provided props such as blocks, blankets, & bolsters, facilitating a profound state of relaxation & allowing the body to enter the "rest & digest" mode.


Each pose encourages complete surrender & relaxation. The atmosphere is calm & tranquil, providing an ideal environment for the body to heal & rejuvenate. Despite the passive nature of the practice, you will emerge feeling present & refreshed.


Unlike other classes, the studio is not heated for Ether. This will allow you to experience the practice in a comfortable & neutral environment conducive to deep relaxation & restoration.

Mindful Movement

Mindful Movement offers a transformative experience centered around cultivating presence & inner awareness. This class provides a welcoming space for beginners & seasoned practitioners alike to deepen their meditation practice.


This class encourages participants to be aware of the present moment with intention & deliberation. Through gentle movement & breathwork, students learn to observe their thoughts & sensations with curiosity to begin gaining insight into themselves beyond their emotions & experiences.


The studio environment is calm & conducive to reflection, with no additional heating provided, allowing participants to engage fully in their practice without external distractions. By the end of the class, students can expect to feel a sense of peace, centeredness, & connection to themselves & the present moment.


Yin yoga offers a complementary practice to Vinyasa yoga, focusing on slow & deep stretches that target the connective tissues of the body. Suitable for yogis of all levels, this gentle yet powerful practice facilitates better recovery, maintenance, & healing for the body.

Postures are held for longer durations, allowing for a moderate pull & targeting of the joints, muscles, & fascia. This approach engages not only the physical body but also brings about a sense of calm & centeredness on an energetic level. Participants often leave feeling more grounded, with a steadier mindset to face the challenges of the day or to unwind from it.

The studio environment is kept at a neutral temperature, without additional heating, to ensure comfort & relaxation during the practice. Whether you're looking to release tension, increase flexibility, or cultivate a sense of inner peace, Air provides a nurturing space for deep exploration & rejuvenation.

Sunrise Earth & Water

Sunrise Earth & Water is a condensed version of our signature Earth & Water class, designed to fit into your busy schedule with a 45-minute duration. It serves as an ideal morning flow, invigorating your body & preparing you for the day ahead.


The studio is gently heated to enhance flexibility & promote a sense of comfort during the practice, allowing you to ease into movement & awaken your senses.

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a specialized class designed to make yoga more gentle for individuals of all abilities & experience levels. Whether you're new to yoga or seeking a practice that provides extra support, this class is tailored to meet your needs.


Using chairs, bolsters, blocks, & straps, we create a supportive environment that allows for safe & comfortable exploration of yoga poses. These props help to modify & adapt the practice to suit your unique body & abilities, making yoga accessible to everyone.


In chair yoga, the focus is on gentle movement, breath awareness, & relaxation. The class is conducted in a non-heated studio environment, ensuring a comfortable & soothing experience for all participants.

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