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Yin yoga offers a complementary practice to Vinyasa yoga, focusing on slow & deep stretches that target the connective tissues of the body. Suitable for yogis of all levels, this gentle yet powerful practice facilitates better recovery, maintenance, & healing for the body.

Postures are held for longer durations, allowing for a moderate pull & targeting of the joints, muscles, & fascia. This approach engages not only the physical body but also brings about a sense of calm & centeredness on an energetic level. Participants often leave feeling more grounded, with a steadier mindset to face the challenges of the day or to unwind from it.

The studio environment is kept at a neutral temperature, without additional heating, to ensure comfort & relaxation during the practice. Whether you're looking to release tension, increase flexibility, or cultivate a sense of inner peace, Air provides a nurturing space for deep exploration & rejuvenation.

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